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Liugong support, Jianghan construction machinery into the fast track of construction machinery!

In the golden autumn, it is another harvest season。

November 1, this is a date recorded in the history of Jianghan construction machinery。Today in 2021, Liugong, a state-owned listed enterprise, holds Jianghan Construction Machinery and works together to build Liugong Machinery industrial base in Central China。

The four seasons rotate like a song, time is engraved immortal, and the struggle is eternal。In the past year,Liugong Jianghan staff grasp the general tone of "speed up, quantity and quality",Focus on value creation,Promote reform and strive for strength;We have withstood the pressure of large fluctuations in the industry and the impact of the epidemic,The main operating indicators outperform the industry;We implant Liugong advanced R & D innovation system,Work with domestic marketing to consolidate core markets,The introduction of advanced information management system and rigorous quality management system,Planning Liugong central China industrial base,Promote Liugong collaborative projects,Constantly improve the functions and platform construction,Optimize business processes,Practice internal skills to improve efficiency,We will create new strengths, stimulate new vitality and increase new driving forces for sustainable development。

Over the past year, we have introduced Liugong's standardized R & D management process and advanced R & D tools, introduced Windchill R & D system, and strengthened the data connection between R & D and process manufacturing, procurement, marketing and other front-end business。

Focus Tower Crane "Beta Project",JHD660-50 boom tower, JHT8045-26, JHT7527-20, JHT7018-10, JHT6518-8/10 and other flat head tower cranes have been developed,Quickly complete and optimize the 315-600 ton meter tower profile,To provide customers with comprehensive solutions;Launched the lift quality project,Developed industrial application scene elevator, traction construction elevator, light building machine, large Angle ramp, export construction elevator and other new products,To meet the diversified needs of customers。

In September, it was awarded the "Hubei Engineering Research Center of Intelligent Building Lifting Equipment", the only enterprise in Hubei Province that won this title。The research center is the core of the company's innovation system and the main technical support for enterprise technology research and industrialization。

In the past year, we have been customer-oriented and fully promoted marketing solutions。Actively change the marketing organization, implement the general manager responsibility system of five regions (East China, South China, North, Southwest, directly under the sales region), performance goal oriented, sales and after-sales regional coordination, platform rapid response。Establish customer alliance, expand the business leasing market development;At the same time, through the coordination of Liugong marketing services, we continue to consolidate the four core markets of Hubei, Jiangxi, Fujian and Guangdong, and create nine key markets and expand 11 regional markets。In addition, relying on Liugong's global marketing network to expand new space in the international market, brand strength and influence can be demonstrated。

In the past year, the existing traditional manufacturing system of Jianghan Construction Machine and Liugong's advanced information management system and rigorous quality management system have been perfectly integrated, and the efficiency and benefit have achieved "double improvement".。Implementation of manufacturing, process, quality, delivery closed-loop management, process optimization, quality continuous improvement。

In January, the SAP system, which integrates marketing, R&D, procurement, manufacturing, logistics and other value chains, was officially put into operation, and 100 business processes were sorted out and reconstructed in an ultra-short period of 60 days.The "Jianghan Cloud" Internet platform built was rated as the Hubei Province and demonstration service strip, promoting the digital transformation and upgrading of the industrial chain。3月,The industry's leading intelligent powder coating production line for tower crane was put into operation,The production capacity of painting the main parts of tower crane can reach 8 sets/day,Overall improvement of coating appearance quality, corrosion resistance and aging resistance;Fully implement excellent performance management and whole-process quality management,Vigorously improve quality management capabilities,And won the 2022 "Jingjiang Quality Award"。

Over the past year, we have deepened management reform, constantly improved the construction of various functions and platforms, optimized business processes, focused on improving capacity, and improved efficiency and efficiency。

Promote talent inventory and performance management, further optimize the organization and functions according to strategic needs, achieve organizational streamlining and efficient processes, stimulate talent vitality, link employee performance with salary, benefits and career development, and ensure the implementation of the company's strategic objectives。In the supply chain, financial standard management, safety and environment system construction and other levels, Liugong headquarters has deep coordination with Jianghan construction machinery。

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